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This artwork is a plaintive lament of the visual decimation of unadulterated nature in our everyday lives. The built environment dominates the landscape in which we live. Beyond our immediate environment, we blithely accept that even the simplicity of our gaze to the horizon is broken and spoiled by pylons, cooling towers, and wind turbines.

Our last refuge for the imagination to wander is the sky; but more often than not the contrails of aircraft outnumber the clouds. Even the sky is not exempt from our prominent human-made presence on mother Gaia.

With this background, this artwork is a synthesis of the formal and metaphorical seeking to convey the sublime. Upon a physical grid structure, a turbulent, bifurcating, white orthogonal spiral fizzes while it concentrically gyrates from the centre to the extremity. Traversing an undulation of truncated convex and concave surfaces on a luminous blue ground, where line and field are mutually dependent, refutes our desire to lock onto its apparent certainty.

The objective is to invite the viewer to explore the limits and potential of our relationship with the natural world around us and to reflect with circumspection on fundamental dualisms such as body and mind, nature and artifice.

'The Sky is Artificial, Even'

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