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Artist statement

My approach to painting is predominantly rationalist and conceptual. Cool minimalism borne of warmly stylised geometries. Aligned with the tenets of Concrete Art with an emphasis on intellectual rigour applied to concept and execution. The development of a cast 3d “structured canvas” is the foundation of the abstract, formalist works that explore the dynamic inter-relationship between shape, form, colour and pattern to reveal the nature of the underlying form.


The undulating “structured canvas” is formed by an array of truncated, alternating convex and concave, modular parabolic solids. The resultant rectilinear grid pattern and neutrality of the square serves as a regulating system that reinforces or emphasises the 3-dimensionality of the “structured canvas". Onto these identical 3d canvases the work employs an inventive variety of readymade graphical elements to construct the painting. 


As with sculpture these wall works can appear very different from different angles. Light plays across the domed surfaces, modulating the tone of the monochrome painted colours. Highlights and shadows are dispersed dependent on the prevailing light. Using reductive finite palettes, the colours are sourced from nature's flora and fauna, foreign travel, and/or the salutary pop palette of the supermarket.


Comprised of familiar, collective geometric motifs, dynamic tensions derive from visual gestalts that are energised by scale, offsets and juxtapositions. Presenting bold and contrasting colours, eschewing personal sentiment and gestural expression, 3-dimensional panels insistently protrude from the wall, allowing each piece to inhabit the space as confidently as the viewer before them. 


Simultaneously celebratory and disruptive, these works pay close attention to the formal processes of painting as well as the legacies of constructivism, systems, and concrete art, to make works in the generative space between painting and sculpture. 


Concepts are developed and expressed by discrete systems of artist-defined rules and permutations to produce unique compositions. The chosen abstract motifs seek to convey through aesthetics the human need to impose order on a universe determined by chaos and entropy. Sometimes the work is purely pictorial, while others convey a social narrative or commentary, all explored through series of variations on themes.


Dana Church studied Fine Art at various art colleges in the USA and UK in the 1980s. He chose not to immediately pursue fine art as a full-time profession. 

For five years he worked in the marine sector as a sailmaker and boatbuilder. He was fortunate to have worked with talented people on high profile campaigns for various America’s Cup, Round-the-World races, international Olympic sailing campaigns, and other high-profile clients. It was in these production environments that he learned to use tools, understand materials, and basic engineering principals applied to making objects.

Moving to London, England Dana Church supported himself as a post-grad art student working as a commercial sculptor producing work for TV productions, advertising, and theme parks (notably Disney-Paris and Seville Expo).​

From the 1990s into the 21st century he worked in video games, television, and film - mostly developing 3d animated content, and a BAFTA-nominated producer.

From 2008 he worked in product design with his own practice and for consultancies. For 7 years up to April 2021, he worked at Nottingham Trent University as a design researcher for computational design and additive manufacturing.​

Over these 30 years he considered himself an artist/sculptor, comfortably working in the realms of fine art & design, spanning physical and digital domains.​ After 3 decades working in creative-technological industries, he began a full-time fine art studio practice based in Nottingham, England.

A general repository of work can be seen at:


ArtBoxy – Miami Artweek

1 December – 10 December 2022

2 works exhibited:

'The Bright Lights of Lost Wages'

'Roll of the Dice'


ArtBoxy – Lelie Galerji - Amsterdam

1 December – 23 December 2022

1 work exhibited:

'Broken Target : Coming Storm'

Artstonish Magazine 26th Issue September 2022

1 work published:

'Broken Target : Coming Storm'

Diversia 27th Online Group Exhibition UN Calendar 2022

1 September – 30 September 2022

Exhibizone, Canada

1 works exhibited:


Textures, Shapes, Patterns, or Forms 2022

1 September – 30 September 2022

Las Laguna Art Gallery

577 South Coast Highway, Suite A1

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

1 work exhibited:

'Broken Target : Coming Storm'

Visual Artists Association, London, England UK

‘VAO2022’ (Open Call Art Awards)

2 works submitted:


'Twist of Fate'


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022

2 works submitted:

'Field of Pluses:Moor'

'Broken Target : Coming Storm'



Surface Gallery, Nottingham, England UK

‘Abstract 2022’ (Open Call Group exhibition)

Exhibition Dates: 25th March – 9th April 2022

2 works exhibited:

'Field of Pluses:Moor'

'Broken Target : Coming Storm'


Post-grad Diploma ‘Interactive Computer Graphics’ at London Polytechnic, London 1990

‘Advanced Studies in Sculpture’ at St. Martins School of Art, London 1987-1988

Post-grad Diploma ‘Sculpture’ at Sir John Cass School of Art, London 1988

BFA Fine Art (major) & Mathematics (minor) at UMass/Amherst USA 1985

Multiple accredited courses in Ceramics at Richmond Adult Community College, London 2004 - 2008

Post-grad Diploma ‘16mm Film’ at South Thames College, London 2003​


‘Artist-in-Residence’ at London Metropolitan University 2008 – 2012

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