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From an ongoing series, this painting adopts a picto-linguistic language to express a narrative concept via 9-letter words. It combines graphic minimalism with 9-letter words to instigate a dialogue using a limited vocabulary and communicate ideas in their most reductive forms.

The visual format is non-relational, eschewing the fussiness of compositional effects. Only the pictorially symbolic 9-letter elements are relational. The words themselves range from the profound to the banal depending on one’s unique perspective; they are chosen from the moment to be quasi-narrative.

The colour palette is restricted to the three primaries of Red, Yellow, and Blue moderated by White and Black. The colours are dynamic while the tones are passive. This approach affords greater scope for unambiguous colour interactions, vibrant compositions, and nuanced narratives.
The goal is not a “balanced” composition. The paintings are comprised of discrete elements set out in a prescribed grid format distribution. The individual elements are visually unimportant. It is the whole work to be considered, to be seen completely without confusion.

Comprised of readymade symbolic, modular elements arranged in a grid format, the painting is the artistic epitome of the readymade in Motif, Construction, Narrative, and Aesthetic, combining subject-driven and form-driven artistic expression.



  • Unique acrylic painting on a "structured" canvas of cast Jesmonite.

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